14 June 2010

Social Issues

Man being a social animal is probably overrated as an attribute. In my opinion, man is a social animal not out of necessity but out of choice. It is a way to kill time, make merry while we idle around and pretend that we are actually "busy" with an activity called "socialising". Indeed it has its charms and benefits, for humanity satisfies its hedonist cravings by socialising. But really it is not a must, it is a could. Perhaps a should, but definitely not a must.

I have been told often that I need to be politer to people I meet, sit down and stare in space with a goofy smile stuck to my face when visiting guests talk of things that I am, at best, phlegmatic about. I am not expressing that I am anti-people. I am just anti-humouring-random-people. In case I am to spend substantial time with someone, I will like or dislike him. If I do not have to, there is no point in forming an opinion about him. Or even pretending to give a damn about him. A polite hello suffices.

And I am even pleased with the results. I have a certain group of friends who like me and who I like. Another set of people who do not like me and who I do not like. Yet another set that dislikes me while I do not even think them worthy of consideration for a like or dislike. Yet another that does not care about me and who I do not care about. I see no reason to complain. Moreover, I find my efficiency and productivity much amplified when I work alone. Just the presence of a person is enough to make me want to quit my work and sleep. When I get bored I always have my trusty computer to go to, or someone from my group of friends to hang out with or go get sloshed with. No reason to complain at all!

I have often wondered why it is never enough for many to be happy with a few. There are people with a compulsive desire to make everyone like them or respect them. They are happier using their time for pleasing others rather than pleasing themselves. Or is it that they please themselves by pleasing others? Either way, I fail to see their point in being good to EVERYONE. For them, there is always trouble in wonderland when they have to make a choice. In my opinion it is better to be a little miserable throughout than to endure sudden pangs of unbearable misery. But then that is me. To each his own.


  1. A very justified train of thought..Even I have struggled with public opinion of late constantly being talked to by my parents..However, I have managed to hold onto my own and I totally agree and abide by your musings on this one

  2. Wow for the vibrance of the page!!!

  3. Di. Suited the title of the blog better. :)
    Monk. The parent issue has been dormant for quite some time for me. What did trigger me to write this now was the irksome habit of people to be "social". I think you can see where might fingers might be pointing...