28 April 2010


Remember the joy that unfurls
as the pages unfold.
The poetry recited
and the stories told
of desolate heroes, lasses pretty,
infernos burning and castles old.
Remember the perpetuals dreams inspired
despite the realities they hold;
how they left you with a bitter-sweet sough
ere your soul found a mould.
Remember how you once loved the book, if only for a day,
that kept you warm even while the world around grew cold.


  1. My favorite line... "ere your soul found a mould"...

  2. First of all, its beautifully written. The vest part of it is it can be symbolic for anything and one can comprehend it as and he likes. Very warm indeed.
    My favourite line, 'kept you warm while the world around grew cold'.

  3. :)
    I suddenly came up with this at three in the night while sleep very callously eluded me. Got up and jotted it down on a page, went back to sleep. It seemed random lines to me at the time. :P