30 July 2010

Vadodara Blues

Gujarat. Even the name instilled fear in my poor heart. A dry state. How the hell would I survive? But fortunately survival has not been all that difficult out here. Trips to Rajasthan and Delhi have certainly helped the process of adaptation. As has the bleak hope that I would not be stuck here for much time. My latest workplace seems to be pretty flexible and accomodating.

The lifestyle of the Gujaratis is surely entertaining. They streets are flooded with the most uncanny fast food and junk food stalls, all of which are crowded without an exception. The Gujaratis seem to have an insatiable fetish for food that is quite outrageously respectable. No matter the class, no matter the weather, no matter the place; the foodies of the city seem to be out on the streets during the evenings. Eating their hearts out.

Apart from these respectable foodie habits, the only thing that has seemed pleasant in the city is the well proportioned girls and women that almost the entire Gujarat boasts of. But hen the darker side of the city rises up to meet the challenges posed by the lucrative Vadodara. The garbage strewn streets. The absence of non-vegetarian food. The lack of a social life. All these smack you in your face as you try to find some stable routine in the city. The only options left are an occasional movie, a regular cup of tea, an evening of exploration. Not much for a lonely soul to seek.

All n all, Gujarat has not offered much since I have come here, The very surprisingly vast menu an an omellete corner is not what an entire city can be judged by. Eventually the lack of good non-vegetarian food and alcohol gets to you. I had hoped to see more of Gujarat before leaving but there seems to be no point to it. It is all the same. The food, the lifestyle and the ladies. What is the point?

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