09 July 2014

#Fiction : Eternity - Fate

How it came to be thus, I cannot say. Maybe it was so since the beginning of time, whenever that was. Or maybe we discovered each other somewhere down the line. However, that matters not. Not anymore. It is fate now. Destiny.
The sun had risen in an azure sky and shone over dew coated grassy meadows. A cold breeze blew from the north reminiscent of the chilly night that has passed. But my insomnia robbed the setting of their pleasures. I had barely slept a blink during the night. Drunk with exhaustion, I looked at the path that lay ahead and hoped that I would meet him soon. I had no idea where or how far he was but I knew he would appear on my path. Right there as if he were the one hunting me. I hoped it would be soon. I would love to come back to this place and spend a few days of peace here. 

The visions had plagued me for months now. Not letting me sleep. Not letting me rest. Driving me to the brink of madness. It was always so. The visions recurred announcing his birth. And they told me which direction to go. Every night I had visions of the path ahead until the day I met him. That would be the end of my torment. And his. I had no choice but to find him. No matter how far and how difficult the way. I had crossed oceans and deserts to hunt him down. I had walked for days, sailed for hours, climbed mountains, cut through jungles. It was terrible and tiresome. But I had no choice. Every time he spawned, I broke down and wished myself dead. But that was not my destiny.

I kindled a small fire and put some water to boil. As the sun wiggled out of the horizon, I looked back on how it had been over the years. It was a necessity that drove me to him. He was my deliverance from the unrelenting nightmares. But I felt that he needed it as much as I did. He was always pathetic in my presence. Unable to put two words together without a wail. Our pain was mutual. Our deliverance too. I had tried everything. I had tried resisting the urge to move forward. But the visions grew unrelenting. They turned horrifying. I had to move towards him to preserve my sanity. I had tried evading him when he came in sight. I would always be the first to spot him. But evasion was impossible. The visions led me back to him. I had tried killing myself as well. But I just woke up in my bed again. It was fate. It had been predestined. There was but one solution. It was writ.

I sipped on the warm water and put out the fire. The path sloped upward to a snow clad ridge. I hoped that I would find him on the other side. I prayed for my sake. I was physically incapable of going on much longer. But I knew I would. Till I found him. Till I killed him in hope that it was the last time. That this time we would be delivered for ever.

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